Why I love

Rhodes Greece


Hi my name is Evie and this is my blog.


My family loves Rhodes for all different reasons. But i love Rhodes for one reason and that is the incredible history and the beautiful sites. I all so like how kind the people are and how they have got lots of tourist destination what show the background of the island past.


places to visit in Rhodes

i could recommend lots of amazing places to  visit whilst staying in Rhodes such as:

-Lindos Acropolis

this is a amazing castle what has got loads of history behind it. I definitely recommend this to children over the age of ten who is interested in learning about Greek gods.

Rhodes old town

this is directly aimed for tourists. it is a town that looks like a castle from the outside with shops and cafes that you would aspect in any town but the differences is that is has got the whole history behind it. with the panted pavements and the old Greek styled buildings

`Fort of st. Nicholas

the Fort of st. Nicholas is placed in Rhodes old town. By the shore. when walking along the path you have a lovely view off posh boats and cliff tops. This is a good place to adventurer to if you go to Rhodes old town.

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